24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
And happy holidays to everyone who don't celebrate Christmas!
I hope you have a great holiday! :)
*NOTE: I am going to be doing a Christmas special. Check out the last blog I did on it

Alyssa's Christmas Special: What's Hapening?
Staring Alyssa

Okay, so a few posts ago I said I was starting my Christmas updates today, but sadly we went shopping(and boy was it busy!) so I didn't have any time to get it started. And then it took like 1 hour and 1/2 to wrap a few presents. So, TOMORROW I HAVE to start the Christmas special. Okay, so get ready because it's going to take a while.
What's going to happen in the update is:
  • Were going to decorate my tree
  • Were going to wrap some presents
  • Send Areo off to the North Pole so he can travel with Santa
  • and the rest is a secret...
Okay, so no one voted on Aero's pole. :-( So, I'm going to have to send him off to the North Pole. So, Aero is very upset. So he is going to open his presents early. So that is going to happen in the update! :-)
Stay tuned to my thread to see what happens! :-)

& the Webkinz

20 December 2009

Hunting for Alyssa`s Christmas Presents!

Hunting for Alyssa`s Christmas Presents!
Staring Patches the Velvety Elephant and Me(Alyssa) the Human

"Hello WI! Today I am going to help Alyssa try and find the new guitar that she`s getting for Christmas..." Patches said.
"Patches! I don`t know if I`m getting one or not...." I said.
"I think you will" Patches started, "Well anyways you might see something pink behind me, well that`s the Webkinz tree!" Patches said.
"It`s the mini tree that I have and it`s going to have your presents under it on boxing day." I said.
"BOXING DAY! That`s not Christmas!" Patches said.
"Patches, just show them the tree, your making the first picture to looonnnnnngggggg!" I said.

"You see, it!" Patches said, "Now how about we talk about the presents, and why we shouldn`t get them ON BOXING DAY!"
"PATCHES" I said, "You`ll just have to wait and see on Christmas! Now no more talking about that, show them the picture with just the tree."

"There. Are you happy." Patches said in a low tone.

"Well let`s get started!" Patches said.

Patches began to walk towards my mom`s room.
"Were now changing the effect to B&W." Patches said.

"Let`s check these!" Patches said.
"I`ve already because I had to put the name tags on them." I said.
"Oh." Patches said.

"Come and look in the closet!" Patches said.
"Turn on the light, I think mom might come up if she see`s some flashing." I said.

Patches turned on the light.

"Nothing up here!" Patches said.

"I can`t see, turn on the flash for a moment." Patches said.
I turned on the flash.

"Nothing only cardboard." Patches said.
I turned flash off.

"None under the bed!" Patches said, in a sad tone.

"What about these!" Patches asked as she got excited.
"Nope, there for my sister, we wrapped them this morning." I said.

"I think I know where they might be!" Patches said.
Then she ran downstairs.

"Aww, there`s none under the tree. I think that it is impossible to find them." Patches said in a sad tone.

© Snowfall Productions 2009

19 December 2009

O' Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree
Part 2/2
Staring Dribble the turtle and Me the human

"Okay, here's what mine looks like when it's coloured!" Dribble said excitedly.

"Now, take another piece of paper, and draw a Christmas light." Dribble said.

"Now I'm going to cut it out." Dribble said.

"You see, mine looks like that." Dribble said, "Now color them however you want."

"And then attach it to the green sheet of paper." Dribble said.

"Do you see it?" Dribble asked.
"Yes, they do see it, Dribble." I said.

*NOTE: now, I'm switching to tape because we have some]]

"This is my sheet with a bunch of them on it." Dribble said.

"Now roll it up like a ice cream cone." Dribble said, "And tape together."

"Now roll the black peice up and tape it together, and then put it in the cone and tape it to the cone." Dribble said.

"Here's out tree!" Dribble said.

"Oh wait I forgot about the star! Do you like it?" Dribble asked.

© Snowfall Productions 2009

O' Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree
Part 1/2
Staring Dribble the turtle, and Me the human!

"Hello..." Dribble tryed to day be he was interrupted.
"Your to close to the camera."

"How's this?" Dribble asked.
"To far back." I said.

"How about this?" Dribble asked.
"Perfect!" I said.
"Okay, as I was saying...
Hello WI! Today were here at Alyssa's desk and were going to be making a tree!" Dribble said.

"We have to find some paper in here." Dribble said.

"I think we have to take some stuff out." Dribble said.

"Okay, here we go!" Dribble said.

"Okay, now we have to get her 'Creative Box' It's full of stuff like markers, crayons, leads, ect." Dribble said.

"You see, here it is!" Dribble said.

"There's lots of stuff in it." Dribble continued.

"And we also need scissors." Dribble said.

But then he left my room...

"Ohh... right, there we out in my mom's room because I was wrapping some presents with Brownie." I said.

"We have to find a black." Dribble said.

Dribble jumped in the box and found a black.
Once she found one she coloured a page completely black.

"This is what mine looks like." Dribble said.

"Now roll it up." Dribble said.

"Now tape it. But, we ran out of tape so I'm going to staple it." Dribble said.

"You see, this is what mine looks like!" Dribble said.

"Now get a new sheet of paper." Dribble said.

"Now we have to find a green." Dribble said.

To be continued...

13 December 2009

Sol-Flor the Great Speaker Of Every Language...
Starring Sol-Flor and Aero

"Hello internet! Today I am here, and I am going to teach you how to say "It's almost Christmas!" in every language!" Sol-Flor said.

"Hi Sol-Flor, what's ya doing?" Aero asked.
"Oh, I'm right in the middle of an update." Sol-Flor said.
"Oh, sorry. Can I stay and watch?" Aero asked.
"Okay." Sol-Flor said.

"Okay, so to say "It's almost Christmas!" you have you say "le c'est presque joyeux Noël" like I did!" Sol-Flor said.

"Umm... you just said it's almost merry Christmas...." Aero pointed out.
"Oh." Sol-Flor said...

"Now to say it in Italian, you have to say "è quasi buon natale" Sol-Flor said.

"Umm, you made the same mistake..." Aero said.
"I know, I did it to trick you!" Sol-Flor said.
"Right..." Aero said.
"I am the great sunflower, my name means sunflower in Spanish, so I know how to speak every language." Sol-Flor said.
[the name Sol-Flor really does mean sunflower in spanish]
"Right." Aero said.

"Anyways, let's say it in Spanish now. Say "es casi feliz Navidad" Sol-Flor said.

[sorry for the bad lighting, my flash went strange]
"Same mistake." Aero said.

"Oh... well let's try Polish. Say It's niemal wesołych Świąt" Sol-Flor said.

"Umm... Sol-Flor." Aero said.
"What" Sol-Flor asked.
"I think you should try using a translator, because you really don't know how to say it." Aero said.

"Well I`d like to see you say it the right way in Polish!" Sol-Flor said.

"It's niemal świąt Bożego Narodzenia" Aero said.

Sol-Flor marched away.

"What did I do wrong, tell her that it wasn`t the right way." Aero asked.

© Snowfall Productions 2009

12 December 2009

My Webkinz Plan

Okay, so my area don't have many shops that sell Webkinz. So, what I'm going to do, is....
Well there are some stores and they have these gift cards you can buy with money on them[you can get $25, $50, & $100]. So I'm going to buy one Sunday, and I'm going to order a Webkinz I want online. Then, I'll be sure to get the one I want! (:

09 December 2009

A Webkinz Christmas Story

Chapter Two
Once mom was finished talking, we walked out of the shop. Next on the list was "Personalized Items" I really thought the name was boring. The name gave away what the shop has, personalized items. Mom had to get a personalized mug, for my dad. She had a picture of him, and was going to get it on, and his name and the year. I thought that it was pretty cool that they were able to put stuff on the mug in like, what, five minutes?
But, the only think that kept coming back to my mind was the reindeer that I saw in the gift wrap center. I really wanted one, but what was it? I mean, was it one of those cheep teddy bears that you get at the dollar store, and the next day the stuffing is gone? Or was it a really good brand name one that uses really expensive stuffing, so that they'll last you longer? These were my questions. And no matter what, they keep coming back to my mind. If I didn't find out today what is was, then I'll have a 0.0000001% chance of getting it for Christmas.
"Look, the mug is done! What do you think? Will dad drink his coffee every morning in it?" Mom asked.
"I guess, I mean a mug is a mug..." I said, trying to picture what the teddy bear looked like.
"But, do you think that he'll use it, and love it?" Mom asked again.
"Yes." I said and sighed. All these questions, were they really necessary? I mean he'll like it no matter what. Even if he can't stand it, he'll use it. Mom paid for the mug, and then they placed it in a brown paper bag and we walked out of the store. I saw someone walk past me, they had a teddy bear in the clear bag, I tryed to figure out if it was like the one I seen. And, it was.

08 December 2009

A Webkinz Christmas Story

[[Okay, I'm going to be writing a Christmas webkinz story, and I switch computers a lot, so I'm going to do it on my blog.]]

Chapter One
It was December 20th, and I was out walking in the snow. There had been a huge snowstorm the day before. I've always loved playing in the snow ever since I was 1, I've always loved playing in the snow. It's a tradition that after every snowstorm, when the weather is good I'll go outside and play in the snow.
I started to make a snowball, as soon as I heard the door close. I had a feeling that mom was going shopping. She still had a few things she had to get for Christmas. "Mom, can I come with you?" I asked. She nodded her head. So, I ran towards the car. I opened the front-seat door, and jumped in. Then I pulled my seat belt over my shoulder and locked my door. Mom turned the car key, and I started to hear the engine roar. Then, mom quickly pulled on her seat belt, and then locked the doors, and started to drive.
"So, what do you want for Christmas again?" Mom asked.
"Mom, I've told you millions of times!" I complained.
"I know, I know. I just can't remember everything!" she said.
"Those new markers, with that cool new commercial, ummmm.... some coloring books, and a big teddy bear." I said. This year, it was every 9 year olds dream to get a big teddy bear. They been selling like crazy. It was starting to become difficult to find one.
"Now Candace, you know that those big teddy bears are hard to find." Mom said.
"I know, but I really want one! I really do!" I said.
"But don't get your hopes up to much." Mom reminded me.
"I know, just because you ask for it dosen't mean you'll get it." I said.
Then the car turned into the mall parking lot. Mom took out the key and got out of the car. She walked over to my door, and opened it. Then I got out and she locked the doors, and we walked down the parking lot.
"Now remember Candace, stay with me. And if you get lost you go to the costumer service desk in the store that we were in, and tell them your lost. And then tell them you were here with your mom, and that her name is May Green." Mom said.
"I know." I said.
We walked inside. The mall was FULL, and I do mean FULL! There were HUNDREDS of people. But, anyways we continued to head to the stores where we have to visit. First we had to go to the gift wrap center. Mom had some things she needed wrapped. We both walked to the line-up. Mom placed her canvas bag on the counter, and then took out a book, a DVD, and a iPod. Then she took out a piece of paper.
"I need the book to be wrapped in the Christmas tree paper, and the DVD in the green and red striped paper, and the iPod in Santa paper. On the paper, I have the names that should go on what. So about when will my stuff be ready?"
Mom continued to talk to the person at the counter. I noticed that on the table with the stuff that needed to be wrapped, there was the cutest reindeer! It was only small, but I thought that it was the cutest EVER! I knew that I wanted on for Christmas. But the only problem was, that I didn't know the brand name or where it was bought or anything. I knew that I needed to find out what it was, and before Christmas!

Welcome to My MMWPT Blog! (:

Welcome to my MMWPT blog! Okay, so maybe you don't know what that means. It means "Welcome to my meet my webkinz picture thread blog!" Okay, so maybe your not from Webkinz Insider, so you don't know what a meet my webkinz picture thread is. Well it is this page on www.webkinzinsider.com that is called a "thread" you post on it, and can post pictures. And, this person on the site came up with an AMAZING idea, where you post storys and you use pictures. Okay, so maybe you still don't get what I'm saying. So check out some of my favorite:
Okay, so that's just a few. But, you'll get the point.
That one is mine! (: