08 December 2009

A Webkinz Christmas Story

[[Okay, I'm going to be writing a Christmas webkinz story, and I switch computers a lot, so I'm going to do it on my blog.]]

Chapter One
It was December 20th, and I was out walking in the snow. There had been a huge snowstorm the day before. I've always loved playing in the snow ever since I was 1, I've always loved playing in the snow. It's a tradition that after every snowstorm, when the weather is good I'll go outside and play in the snow.
I started to make a snowball, as soon as I heard the door close. I had a feeling that mom was going shopping. She still had a few things she had to get for Christmas. "Mom, can I come with you?" I asked. She nodded her head. So, I ran towards the car. I opened the front-seat door, and jumped in. Then I pulled my seat belt over my shoulder and locked my door. Mom turned the car key, and I started to hear the engine roar. Then, mom quickly pulled on her seat belt, and then locked the doors, and started to drive.
"So, what do you want for Christmas again?" Mom asked.
"Mom, I've told you millions of times!" I complained.
"I know, I know. I just can't remember everything!" she said.
"Those new markers, with that cool new commercial, ummmm.... some coloring books, and a big teddy bear." I said. This year, it was every 9 year olds dream to get a big teddy bear. They been selling like crazy. It was starting to become difficult to find one.
"Now Candace, you know that those big teddy bears are hard to find." Mom said.
"I know, but I really want one! I really do!" I said.
"But don't get your hopes up to much." Mom reminded me.
"I know, just because you ask for it dosen't mean you'll get it." I said.
Then the car turned into the mall parking lot. Mom took out the key and got out of the car. She walked over to my door, and opened it. Then I got out and she locked the doors, and we walked down the parking lot.
"Now remember Candace, stay with me. And if you get lost you go to the costumer service desk in the store that we were in, and tell them your lost. And then tell them you were here with your mom, and that her name is May Green." Mom said.
"I know." I said.
We walked inside. The mall was FULL, and I do mean FULL! There were HUNDREDS of people. But, anyways we continued to head to the stores where we have to visit. First we had to go to the gift wrap center. Mom had some things she needed wrapped. We both walked to the line-up. Mom placed her canvas bag on the counter, and then took out a book, a DVD, and a iPod. Then she took out a piece of paper.
"I need the book to be wrapped in the Christmas tree paper, and the DVD in the green and red striped paper, and the iPod in Santa paper. On the paper, I have the names that should go on what. So about when will my stuff be ready?"
Mom continued to talk to the person at the counter. I noticed that on the table with the stuff that needed to be wrapped, there was the cutest reindeer! It was only small, but I thought that it was the cutest EVER! I knew that I wanted on for Christmas. But the only problem was, that I didn't know the brand name or where it was bought or anything. I knew that I needed to find out what it was, and before Christmas!

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