09 December 2009

A Webkinz Christmas Story

Chapter Two
Once mom was finished talking, we walked out of the shop. Next on the list was "Personalized Items" I really thought the name was boring. The name gave away what the shop has, personalized items. Mom had to get a personalized mug, for my dad. She had a picture of him, and was going to get it on, and his name and the year. I thought that it was pretty cool that they were able to put stuff on the mug in like, what, five minutes?
But, the only think that kept coming back to my mind was the reindeer that I saw in the gift wrap center. I really wanted one, but what was it? I mean, was it one of those cheep teddy bears that you get at the dollar store, and the next day the stuffing is gone? Or was it a really good brand name one that uses really expensive stuffing, so that they'll last you longer? These were my questions. And no matter what, they keep coming back to my mind. If I didn't find out today what is was, then I'll have a 0.0000001% chance of getting it for Christmas.
"Look, the mug is done! What do you think? Will dad drink his coffee every morning in it?" Mom asked.
"I guess, I mean a mug is a mug..." I said, trying to picture what the teddy bear looked like.
"But, do you think that he'll use it, and love it?" Mom asked again.
"Yes." I said and sighed. All these questions, were they really necessary? I mean he'll like it no matter what. Even if he can't stand it, he'll use it. Mom paid for the mug, and then they placed it in a brown paper bag and we walked out of the store. I saw someone walk past me, they had a teddy bear in the clear bag, I tryed to figure out if it was like the one I seen. And, it was.

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