24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
And happy holidays to everyone who don't celebrate Christmas!
I hope you have a great holiday! :)
*NOTE: I am going to be doing a Christmas special. Check out the last blog I did on it

Alyssa's Christmas Special: What's Hapening?
Staring Alyssa

Okay, so a few posts ago I said I was starting my Christmas updates today, but sadly we went shopping(and boy was it busy!) so I didn't have any time to get it started. And then it took like 1 hour and 1/2 to wrap a few presents. So, TOMORROW I HAVE to start the Christmas special. Okay, so get ready because it's going to take a while.
What's going to happen in the update is:
  • Were going to decorate my tree
  • Were going to wrap some presents
  • Send Areo off to the North Pole so he can travel with Santa
  • and the rest is a secret...
Okay, so no one voted on Aero's pole. :-( So, I'm going to have to send him off to the North Pole. So, Aero is very upset. So he is going to open his presents early. So that is going to happen in the update! :-)
Stay tuned to my thread to see what happens! :-)

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